Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drop Lid Writing Desks

The Drop Lid Writing Desk

Drop lid writing desks offer a variety of advantages to the purchaser and user of these fine desks. First, these desks can be aesthetically pleasing. Made from fine, quality woods such as oak a drop lid writing desk add vibrancy and a classic look to the room which they adorn. Painters need canvas and craftsman need wood; the lid and the sides of the desk can be adorned with beautiful and intricate patterns.

Drop lid writing desks utilize old-fashioned space saving technology. The drop lid writing desk features a lid that drops down toward the writer, hence the writing surface of the desk is the opposite side of the lid. When not in use this means the drop lid writing desks can take up substantially less floor space than a modern desk offering up the equivalent writing surface space.

The drop lid writing desk opens to reveal a powerhouse of organization. Inside can be found cubbies, nooks, and crannies for all your office supplies. Many people appreciate this style of desk for organizing and paying bills but it is useful for so much more. If a laptop or small desktop computer is housed in the desk as well the drop lid can protect it from sun damage as well.

The closable lid provides just an added measure of privacy. Even a person who is well intentioned has eyes that wander. It’s just the nature of how the human brain gathers information. Anything of a personal or sensitive nature that you don’t want seen is readily concealed behind the ornately carved drop lid. This lid can also be locked for additional security.

Drop lid writing desks should be considered by any person who needs a finely crafted desk to organize a modern workload and budget. In addition anyone who needs a desk that saves space and keep sensitive documents hidden should look more into buying drop lid writing desks.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Queen Anne Writing Desk | Queen Anne Desk | Queen Ann Desk

The Queen Anne Writing Desk

Queen Anne Writing Desks are elegantly crafted furniture pieces reproduced to a style of writing desk dated back to the early 1700’s. They are named in honor of Queen Anne of England reigning from 1702 to 1712 and represented the industry standard of formal furniture. Its features include cabriole legs ending in a drake foot, along with solid brass hardware (handles and knobs) and dovetailed drawers. This type of handiwork is what makes the Queen Anne desk such a highly sought after piece of antique furniture.

The Queen Anne writing desk features dimensions that are generally smaller than modern desks. It offers a width of 51 inches (just over four feet) and a depth of 22 inches. It stands about 30 inches off the floor. The desks feature solid wood construction using oak or cherry. While both are highly sought after, the Queen Anne cherry writing desk is probably in slightly higher demand than the oak models.

Oak wood is a light colored wood with a protruding grain making grooves in the wood that can be felt with the fingers. Staining the wood will darken the grain. If given a natural finish it will have a pale blondish tint which will darken with age to a golden honey-like color. The occasional knot in the wood will add to its character. Staining is a good choice for oak Queen Anne secretary desks.

Cherry wood offers less grain and is smoother than oak. Cherry will age to a rich red and brown color commonly smattered with black specs and a swirling grain. Small knots in the wood can create dimples in the surface. Light or medium colored stains work well on cherry. Dark stain is not recommended as it can blot out the natural color and beauty that comes with cherry wood.

Hard wood furniture like the Queen Anne writing desk can hide flaws with much more grace and elegance than synthetic materials. Even with a good finish, however, natural wood desks are sensitive to humidity and will swell or shrink slightly from season to season.

With solid wood construction and beautiful craftsmanship purchasing a Queen Anne writing desk will add a cherished and valued piece destined to become a family heirloom with generations of enjoyment and use.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

White Writing Desks: Writing Desks for Decoration

More on White Writing Desks

While there has already been one post on white writing desks on this blog, there are enough people online who are searching for information that it seemed like a really good time to put up another subject post on the matter. These types of desks are not the most common, seeing as how in actual offices there is definitely not a high demand for painted office furniture, but either for the gray cookie cutter writing desks that you might see in a cubicle, or for the classic wood desks or wood finish desks.

So why would anyone want a white writing desk? Well this is actually a good question, and one that might partially be answered by another popular search: "antique white writing desks." Many of these desks were designed for children as decorations, hence the reason they would be painted white. This also means that some antique white writing desks are seen as collectible or valuable because if you trace back their history enough you will find they belonged to a well off or maybe even a royal family.

White desks are popular in general because they are often specifically aimed at kids. Having furniture that makes a little girl's or little boy's room look really nice while also giving them a place to write, read, draw, and play is a bonus for everyone involved. White writing desks for kdis can often be some of the best furniture for this function that you'll end up finding.

While white writing desks aren't for everyone, there are many writing desks that can fill in for whatever your individual needs are. Beyond that, take a look around for the piece of office furniture that serves your needs best and you'll be sure not to be disappointed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Solid Wood Writing Desks

Solid Wood Writing Desks

Though each writer is different and inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere, creating a writing space around a solid wood writing desk can be just the thing needed to focus and funnel your thoughts onto paper. Solid wood writing desks have been around for centuries boasting dozens of different designs and wood materials used. Walking the line between elegance and functionality many modern desks are still based off the antique designs.

Dating back to the 1600’s is one of the earliest known samples of writing desks in the Jacobean style. The Jacobean style of desk was typically crafted out of walnut or oak, had a dark finish with a medieval appearance, straight lines and was usually adorned with carvings of acorns or geometric designs.

After the Jacobean style came a number of other desk designs, beginning with the William and Mary style. More ornate than the Jacobean design it featured Dutch and Chinese influences. It had a lacquered finish and trumpet-turned legs ending in a ball, or clawed foot. These desks were commonly made from black walnut, ebony or holly and provided a graceful or refined look. Other styles include Queen Anne, Georgian, Chippendale, Sheraton, Shaker, Victorian, and Arts and Crafts.

While the styles changed by era one thing remained constant. Solid wood writing desks were hand crafted by master cabinet makers for the homes and offices of the affluent. This trend continued on into the Industrial Revolution even though wood desks were by then being mass produced by machine and unskilled labor.

Whether antique or modern a solid wood writing desk can add beauty and functionality into your office or home. Whether it is a symbol of status or form allowing for function or a combination thereof a solid wood writing desk can last long enough to become a family heirloom and can stick around for generations.

Evolution of the Writing Desk

The Writing Desk's Evolution

From the early years of scribes to the models of today the evolution of the writing desk has been important in adapting and designing new desks to meet the needs of the writer. The evolution of the writing desk really took off during the Victorian era in Great Britain and later periods in the United States. Many contemporary writing desks are based off of antique designs.

The first writing desks weren’t really recognizable as desks. It was essentially a portable box with a sloped hinge lid containing the scribe’s tools of the trade. On location this box was placed on a table or platform for the scribe to write. The first mention of a desk wasn’t found until 1450.

Around 1660 the scribe’s desk became affixed to a stand, first temporary then permanent. This was the basic model of a clerk’s desk. Adding drawers to the clerk’s desk gave way to the design known as the bureau. From late 17th Century France came the roll-top bureau or cylinder desk with a roll down top made from wood slats glued to cloth as opposed to the sloped lid.

Near 1700 came the next phase in the evolution of the writing desk known as the knee-hole writing desk. Usually containing a cupboard in the back of the knee-hole it allowed the writer comfort, freedom of movement and plenty of storage space for writing supplies and personal effects. It was around this time as well that desks took on more decorative ornamentation.

During the Regency period of England a cabinet maker named Chippendale introduced the Serpentine Fronted Knee-hole Desk which became the branching off point of several later designs. As writing desks became common in Europe each country adapted their own style of writing desk, and some designs were developed in the United States, most notable the Shaker design, and the Arts and Crafts design which noted a reversal in the ornate decorating of desks and called for a more back to basics style.

While writing desks have changed over the centuries the certainty is that they have adapted to meet the needs of the writer and it is certain that the evolution of writing desks will continue into the future.

Monday, September 7, 2009

White Writing Desks

White Writing Desks

White writing desks are a popular style of office furniture that are among the most highly sought after type of writing desk on the entire Internet. In fact, searches for "white writing desks" outnumber searches on "black writing desks" over two to one. It's hard to say the reason for this. In fact, these statistics are somewhat baffling to me based on my own personal preferences. Personally I prefer true wood writing desks, especially when it's a beautiful oak writing desk, or even a gorgeous Italian writing desk. That said, there are many white writing desks available because many people apparently love this color of office furniture.

One reason for this could be that many white writing desks are smaller pieces of furniture, perhaps designed for use by children or teenagers. This type of furniture could be used to decorate children's rooms. The one downside to a white writing desk that is obvious right off the bat is that most office furniture that's painted white does not look professional. The true wood look from wood writing desks does look professional, as does many type of wood finishes even.

So white writing desks are definitely pieces of furniture that aren't designed for an office or even a home office so much as a decorative piece for kids or teenagers that can be used for reading, writing, homework, or crafts. This isn't a bad thing; encouraging your kids to read and write more often is always a great thing. No one is ever going to regret that particular decision. Because of this, these bits of office furniture are extremely popular.

If you're looking for some good white writing desks, there are plenty of places online to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether looking for antique white writing desks, or maybe just something to spruce up your dining room or study, there are many options available for this particular type of desk.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cons of Small Computer Desks

Cons of Small Computer Desks

If you're considering buying a computer desk for your home office, consider first the cons of small computer desks. While small computer desks are ideal if space is at a premium, they are not ideal if a lot of reference materials are needed on hand. If for instance a space demanding project is in the works, such as putting together a collage or presentations the work area can become somewhat cramped.

Another drawback to small computer disks is that depending on which one you buy there can be a sacrifice in durability. Some of the moving parts such as the keyboard slider are prone to breaking (and dropping the keyboard in your lap) and too much weight will make the support plates buckle. Before committing to a purchase be sure the desk will meet your weight requirements.

Small computer desks can also be prone to clutter. A little extra care is necessary to make sure your computer desk doesn’t become a dining room table or a repository for unopened mail. In other words, a small desk requires there to be a place for everything with everything in its place.

For those less than mechanically inclined, some desks do require assembly. Most require simple tools like an allen wrench or crescent wrench. Once assembled they can easily be moved from room to room. Or if you want no assembly required some smaller wooden desks are available.

The last disadvantage to owning or using a small computer desk is needing other furniture such as file cabinets, CD racks, or book cases to keep things close at hand that might otherwise have a home in a larger desk. While most office furniture is of a space saving design a small computer desk with a bookshelf and a file cabinet and a couple of CD racks might just be a zero sum factor to a larger desk with built in file drawers, shelving for books and room for the CD racks built in. Consider your needs carefully and consider the cons of small computer desks when looking to customize your office space.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pros of Small Computer Desks

Pros of Small Computer Desks

When fashioning a comfortable work area there are some definite pros to placing a small computer desk as the center piece of your office. To be an efficient worker your work space must accommodate you and your needs. It also has to be ergonomically efficient and comfortable but without distractions. Like designing any room in the home, designing an office space is no exception.

Some benefits to considering a small computer desk. The first incentive is the cost. Smaller computer desks can run hundreds of dollars less than larger models. Second is their size. In a small home or apartment where space is at a premium a large computer desk is going to take up too much room. Likewise in a large office space where several employees are divided off into cubicles a small computer desk allows for more employees with less cramping.

Another pro of small computer or writing desks is efficiency. A small computer desk demands efficient use of its space. This can provide an incentive for staying well organized, reducing clutter and keeping the working area clean and tidy. If the need for the office worker is to be mobile, a small computer desk can be moved more easily than a full-sized office unit.

If thinking of small desks, think even smaller. Children can benefit from having a small computer desk as well, even if not used for a computer. Kids often benefit the most from emulating responsible adult behavior. In as much as you have your own workspace, it can be beneficial to have his or her own work space too. Let your kids help pick out their own desk and let them be creative in decorating or painting their desk.

Children can benefit from having a work space to do homework, work on school projects, or brush up on hobbies such as modeling, drawing, or writing. And because the space is unique to them it can instill a sense of pride and responsibility of their possessions. Another benefit is that your kitchen table will then be free for a family dinner.

So whether you are looking to make the most of space in a small home/office or whether want your child to have a workplace of their own there are certainly many pros to small computer desks.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping for Your Writing Computer Desk

Writing & Computer Desk Shopping

Almost every one of the chain discount stores has a home furnishings department that has a wide selection of writing desks. In these departments you will find writing computer desks available for sale. While these are tremendous buys for those who need a desk immediately and don’t have a lot of money to spend, they are not meant to last for many years. To choose the right writing desk for you, it is important that you consider how long you expect to keep the desk in your home.

When shopping for furniture, you should be shopping for durability and a well made piece that will last in your home for years. You may enjoy furniture shopping, but you probably don’t want to do it every couple of years. To make sure that you get the very best for your home, take some time with your decisions and choose the very best pieces for your home, including your writing computer desks.

Solid wood construction will likely cost you a bit more money than the desks found in the discount stores, but they are built to last much longer. The materials that are used are of the highest quality and will hold up well under daily use.

Visit several stores before you decide on the writing computer desks that you will buy. You can also look for other materials used in desks that are made to last such as glass and steel. These materials offer a different look for your home office, but they are a wonderful choice for durability and great looks.

Consider the décor of the room or the décor that you would like the room to have when you are choosing your writing computer desks. The desk is likely to be the focal point in a home office and it should be a stunning piece of furniture to design the room around.

Portable Writing Desks

On Portable Writing Desks

Can You Use a Portable Writing Desk?

Many people have jobs that require them to be on the go and not confined to one place. The portable writing desk was designed to help these people work more productively while they are in a location that does not have a writing surface to use. Salesmen who spend a great deal of time in their cars will find that the portable desks allow them to work comfortably in the car while they are on the road.

Typically a portable writing desk is nothing more than a box that doubles as a writing surface. The lid of the box allows for a solid and reasonably large space to comfortably write. The inside of the box can be used to hold supplies, paper and any forms that the employee might need while they are working on the road.

The portable writing desk that you choose may have a sloped top to allow for better handwriting while on the road. Those who are concerned with penmanship understand that writing on an incline will improve the quality of the writing. That is why you find calligraphers and artists working on desks that incline.

There are a number of styles available for a portable writing desk today. Some of the models are designed to be used in the office or home and will roll over to where you are seated to accommodate your writing needs. Others are designed to be used on your lap for comfortable writing no matter where you are located. You might also choose one that is designed to be used like a bed tray for those who must work while confined to bed.

Accessorize your portable writing desk with clip on lights and pen holders for the ideal work environment when you are not in the office. Choose the model that will help you to be more productive while you are working on the road.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Corner Writing Desks Make the Best of Space

Corner Writing, or L-Shaped Writing Desks

A corner writing desk might be the perfect way to create a usable office in a smaller room. When you are faced with less space than you would like, you will have to come up with some creative ways to use the area. A corner desk allows you to take advantage of all the space a room has to offer, even when that room isn't designed to maximize the efficiency of a regular desk.

The corners of a room can often be difficult to work with and you often lose the space that is available to you. The corner writing desk, which is often the same thing as an l-shaped writing desk. This design of office furniture is built to be able to maximize any office space, no matter how small. This will allow you to free up some of the floor space in the room for other necessary pieces of furniture. These bits of furniture are perfect for a bedroom that is doubling as an office or for a small home office that has to fit in filing cabinets and other work related equipment.

It is sometimes necessary to use space that is otherwise wasted in a room when the room is smaller than average. Using wall space for shelving books is a better idea than eating up valuable floor space with a bookcase, for example. The corner writing desk works on the same idea.

Corner writing desks are often among the most popular because they give so many options and can fit into virtually any room. They are also designed to maximize the amount of files, computer read outs, or other papers that are right on hand. This makes the l shaped writing desks among the most useful, as well, since many business owners need to be able to juggle more than one thing at once.

When making your own desk, be sure and measure the area that you have to work with carefully to be sure that your corner writing desk will fit properly and snugly against the wall.

Pine Writing Desks | Pine Wood Writing Desks

Finding a Quality Pine Writing Desk

There are many different cheaply made writing desks on the market in your local discount stores. These constructions are designed to hold a computer and the other trappings of the home office. While these desks may be low priced and affordable on any budget, they are often not the best value for your money. Saving your money and buying higher quality pine writing desks is a much more practical choice for your home office.

When you consider the life of the cheaper computer desks on the market, you are likely to be replacing the desk every few years as it deteriorates and becomes damaged. In the long run, you will end up spending much more money on these desks than you would if you bought a quality desk the first time.

Pine writing desks are a fine choice for your home office that will not cost too much money for those on a budget. They may be more expensive than the fiberboard constructions that are available everywhere, but they are not the most expensive type of wood for you to use in your home. The difference in the fiberboard desks and the quality solid pine desks will become apparent within a few short years. While you still may be able to use your cheaper desk, the look will become significantly diminished as it ages and your everyday use causes damage.

Shop around when you are looking for pine writing desks. You can find a good price on these pieces if you take the time to do a little comparison shopping. You might also be able to find a second hand desk that still has many more years left in it. A fiberboard writing desk is not recommended for a second hand purchase. Look for solid construction and fine materials used for the hardware on the pine writing desks as well. A well cared for piece will last in your family for generations.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Writing Desks

Choosing a Glass Writing Desk

A look for your office that is clean and modern is a glass writing desk. These beautiful desks provide a very sleek look to your office and can come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. This type of desk is currently the trend for home office furnishings because of its slick and stylish look.

Most people need a desk of some sort in their home to place a computer or at least take care of the bills. A glass top writing desk is a modern and lovely choice for your home office. The structure of these desks is remarkably solid with a steel construction holding the glass in place. In most cases, they are much easier to put together than the traditional writing desk.

A glass writing desk is available in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose clear glass for a stark and modern look. There are also glass tops available with designs in the glass to provide a beautiful and unusual style to your home office. Take some time and look at all of the styles of glass tops that are available for these desks. Does the idea of seeing your feet while you work bother you? Try a frosted glass top for a completely opaque look.

The glass is tempered and very solidly designed. There is no question that a glass writing desk appears more delicate than one made of solid wood, but it is just as strong and well built.

The glass writing desk is not an expensive option for your home office, but it does have a look of opulence. You can often choose the frame or leg construction and separately buy the glass to rest on top. This allows you some flexibility in the price of your desk. Just be sure that you choose legs for the desk that are able to hold the weight that you are putting on top of the desk.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Modern Writing Desk and Hutch

Writing Desk and Hutch

There are many different styles and materials used in the modern desk. One of the most common items to include with your desk, whether you are using it for a computer or for writing, is the hutch. A writing desk with hutch allows you to store away your items without having to leave them out in the open on your desk.

A hutch is a great piece to have with your writing desk if you plan to place the desk in a room that is frequented by others in your family. Important and private papers can be put away in the hutch so that others are not able to read your private information. A desk that does not have a hutch as an accessory must make use of drawers or filing cabinets to store away the private documents that you may have on the desk.

Many of the modern desks are nothing more than a large surface with no drawers or hutch. While these desks are very sleek and modern in appearance, they are not practical unless your office is off limits to the rest of the family.

A writing desk with hutch also gives you a convenient place to store software and extra supplies for your computer and printer. These items can clutter up the desk if it is not put away in a closed location. The hutch allows you to clean up your desk in an efficient way.

Many computer desks include a hutch for extra storage and file space. You can even find a hutch for a secretary style writing desk that will give you more room to store your supplies. Even if your desk is completely private, having a writing desk with hutch is a much neater option than a flat stark surface. Most home offices could use the extra storage space.

The Charm of an Antique Secretary Writing Desk

Antique Secretary Writing Desk

It is possible to go down to the local discount store and buy a generic piece of furniture that will pass for your desk and computer stand. The price will be right and it will serve its purpose. However, these desks have no character or life in them like the old style writing desks such as a secretary writing desk.

The secretary writing desk was created in an age when people actually sat at a desk to write letters and take care of their finances. The kitchen table was meant for eating and not paying the bills. The writing desk was created with style and grace to fit in with the other furnishings in the home and serve its purpose. The secretary writing desk, in particular, is a great example of beauty and utility all rolled up in one stunning piece of furniture.

Including one of these antiques in your home is a great way to add some elegance to your home while you also have a place to take care of your correspondence and household bills. The secretary writing desk is often full of cubbies to hold all of your bills and items that you need while working at your desk. The writing desk that you choose should be a useful piece of furniture while it adds grace to your home.

If you don’t want the added expense and responsibility of an actual antique, you can choose an antique style secretary writing desk to use in your home that will give you the same great look in a desk that was made in modern times. These are a good choice for someone who wants an elegant room but is on a budget.

The style of the desk can vary widely from a feminine and stylish white secretary writing desk to one that is comprised of metal and has a very industrial feel to it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Classic Appearance of Cedar Writing Desks

Cedar Writing Desks

When decorating your home, you will find that there are some things that just never go out of style. Finely crafted pieces of furniture made of quality wood are some of the things that many people fill their home with because of the timeless and classic beauty that it provides. Cedar writing desks are one of those items that will give your office or home office a look that will never be out of fashion.

Cedar is a wonderful choice for your writing desk because of its fine good looks and the wonderful smell of cedar wood. Of course, over time the wood will lose the smell, but the look will never go out of style if it is cared for properly. Fine wood furnishings require care and maintenance to make sure that the wood stays in good condition.

Choosing cedar writing desks can set the tone for the whole room. The rest of the furnishings in the room should be made in the same style and preferably with the same materials. Adding some color to the room will bring out the warm tones of the cedar in your desk.
The look is classic, but you should consider that you will be using some modern equipment on the desk. Older desks will not have the convenient holes for your chords and other requirements for your computer and other equipment. Hiding the cords to keep the office looking classic without losing the convenience of your equipment might be a challenge, but you can find ways to make the cords much less noticeable.

The cedar writing desks that you find available for your home office might be a little more expensive than other materials, but it will last for many years if it is cared for properly. A well made desk is a lasting and durable piece of furniture if you choose the right wood and take care of it consistently.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Antique Writing Desks

Looking for True Antique Writing Desks

The antique writing desk that you put in your home can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people put these beautiful pieces in their home for the decorative effect that they can have on a room and others actually enjoy using their desk. If you are in the market for one of these beauties, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Deal with a reputable antiques dealer when you are searching for the right antique writing desk. The pieces that you find may be stunning, but they may not be antique desks at all. While it is perfectly acceptable to put a reproduction in your home, you should be aware of it and not spend too much money on something that is not as valuable as the real thing.

Take the time to do a little research on the desks that you are interested in buying so that you will know one when you see it. You may not be able to become an expert in antique furnishings, but you can learn to detect a fake when you see one. There is some wonderful material available that will help you spot a fake when you are searching for antiques, and that way you know you have the real thing when you get your antique writing desk.

It is also possible for the antiques dealer to be fooled if they do not have the expertise to recognize a real antique writing desk. That is why you should always check the reputation of the dealer to be sure that they are experienced and reputable. Delving into the world of antiques is a fun hobby to get started in and your antique writing desk can be the first piece that you acquire. Before you know it, you will have a home full of beautiful pieces that you have collected during your trips to the antique shops.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is a Modern Writing Desk?

What Do Modern Writing Desks Look Like?

Today’s modern writing desks are typically used for a computer or other pieces of electronic equipment. Often times it seems that the modern writing desk today is really nothing more than a normal office desk or a computer stand or cart. However, you can create your own modern writing desk that is not the typical computer desk that you see today.

There are some wonderful styles of desks available that are not made from the same materials that you find in the local discount store. Desks made of stainless steel or with thick heavy glass are more eye catching and unique than the run of the mill styles that are common today. These desks are usually available in specialty furniture stores that create unique styles of furnishings for those who are interested in something out of the ordinary.

It is possible to create something on your own that takes the place of the modern writing desk. Some have gotten very creative in making their own furnishings and desks using some materials that may have never been thought of for office furniture before. The steel taken from a classic automobile would certainly make a fine looking and unusual modern writing desk. The hood or trunk of a big old classic would certainly catch a lot of attention in your office.

Today’s modern writing desk can certainly show a bit more creativity than we have seen in the furniture stores lately. To have one of these unusual and stunning desks in your home, you might just have to do it yourself, or find a furniture builder who shares your vision. There is no need to have the same old computer cart that everyone else has in their home. Use your imagination and create the desk that you want out of the materials that you want. All it really takes is a little imagination and some furniture building skills.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Antique Writing Desks | Old Writing Desks | Roll Top Writing Desks

Antique Writing Desks

Antique writing desks come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Just as there is no one and only set model when someone is trying to talk about a "contemporary writing desk" or a "modern writing desk," there isn't in one set design for antique writing desks. This term can be used to describe simple office desks that are a hundred years old or more, or they might be referring to older designs that have more or less gone out of fashion in modern times like a writing desk with hutch, a secretary writing desk, or a roll top correspondence desk. All of these designs have their charms and their benefits, but they don't match well with the advances in modern technology which is why few of these designs are used in actual offices any more.

Because of this, it can be hard to have one definitive post on antique writing desks since that phrase can reference many different designs, shapes, or even individual companies that have since gone out of business. Still, when the term "antique writing desks" comes up, there is usually a definitive idea or mental picture.

Many pictures of Benjamin Franklin will show him hunched over, hard at work over a roll top desk with quill pen in hand hard at work with whatever thoughts or discoveries are bubbling over. These old desks often appear as roll top desks or writing hutches, and at one point this was the most common design for writing desks. Now all of these models are considered antique.

A large reason for this is the changes of history and technology. Antique desks tend to be more ornate and fancy because the idea that most people could read or write is a very recent historical trend, and because of that the original antique writing desks were often considered a status symbol that showed off wealth, education, aristocracy, and elegance. These were as much a status symbol as anything else. In addition, there were obviously no computers, or typewriters, in the 1700s. Because of this there was no need to design a larger desk that was made for practicality.

A roll top writing desk was practical back in its time. These antique writing desks were designed to write letters, to store letters, and to store scrolls. A good candle and/or lantern and individuals could even write deep into the night. At the time this made perfect sense for a writing desk, and a fold over hutch that may have even had a key and lock was one of the earliest forms of security for sensitive writing and/or correspondence.

Antique writing desks have almost returned to their place as status symbols while the modern designs of these functional pieces of office furniture have gone to a more plain and basic designs, often with a corner or l-shape to maximize the space that can be had out of an office's corners. Antique writing desks look fantastic, and still work for writing letters, writing out checks for bills, etc - but as far as functioning well with a desk top computer or a laptop, forget about it!

These desks have come full circle and are still in high demand because of their beauty and elegance. Some nations and companies take particular pride in showing their respect for older designs, as many Italian writing desks have an elegance that the American counterparts simply can't compete with. While they might once have been the epitome of common sense and class, the antique writing desks still show off an elegance that adds a special something to any room in the house, even if it's no longer commonly the office.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Corner Writing Desks | Contemporary Corner Writing Desks

Contemporary Corner Writing Desks

There are many different types of writing desks, and one increasingly popular model is the contemporary corner writing desk. Because of the changes in technology, the old antique models of roll top writing desks are a thing of the past. Whether it's an actual office, or a home office to a small business owner, a desk needs to be functional for a wide variety of uses, including the use of computers.

Most business owners can't just concentrate on one thing at a time, and so for most home entrepreneurs, having a spread out area for papers, phone, computer, and a picture of the family is ideal. This is where a corner writing desk, sometimes referred to as an L-shape writing desk, is often the best possible design for many individuals' needs.

Corner writing desks are also very popular because aside from the large amount of desk space, the "L shape" design of a good corner desk makes all that space usable and easily accessible without having to stretch out across a too large desk. In addition, these desks can easily fit into a small or narrow area, which is always a huge plus for smaller offices where space is at a premium but you still need to be able to make everything work.

Corner writing desks are a definite product of modern needs, modern times, and modern technology and for that reason, they aren't likely to become less popular any time soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Contemporary Writing Desks

Contemporary Writing Desks: The New Look of Writing Desks

Contemporary writing desks are a far cry from many of the earlier and more classic models of writing desks that might come to mind. While the old office wood writing desks have the sturdy last for generations look, many newer contemporary writing desks have another obvious function that has taken place because of technology: they act as computer desks. While old wooden writing desks were once a symbol of status, or rolltop writing desks and writing secretaries gave that initial feeling of sophistication, now writing desks have to be functional as office furniture which means that contemporary writing desks also have to serve as a functional computer desk.

Contemporary writing desks have a lot of differences that set them apart from their older counterparts. For one, the old school desks were often made out solid wood and came in one of two styles: the big office desk meant to show off prestige and position, or the writing hutch and secretary desk that worked for writing letters or brief correspondence but it is impractical for a business desk. The newer models, however, are usually designed as wood panel or wood finish (if they're designed to look like wood writing desks at all), and many are much simpler and designed to be easy to use a computer on and around.

Contemporary office furniture in general has become more and more simple as some models even appear like glass desks, which seem like a post modern coffee table more than an office desk, but that's the direction that some modern writing desks are going. The main focus is to design them so computers, laptops, and even multiple computer monitors fit easily and function fully. Because of this, many contemporary writing desks simply don't have the design or style of the older counterparts.

While the trend in contemporary writing desks isn't likely to change any time soon, it's not hard to understand. As the older writing desk designs might look better or be more sophisticated, the new modern models of office desks have to be functional based on needs and technology. And based on those standards, say what you will about the fall in appearance, but contemporary writing desks are tops.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oak Writing Desks: Great Wood Desks

Fine Oak Writing Desks

Oak writing desks are some of the most popular oak desks around, and are in fact some of the most popular forms of oak furniture, period. These fine solid wood writing desks are a great example of how using the right wood can create a sturdy and respectable piece of furniture that can be passed down through generations. Solid oak writing desks might not have the same allure that they once did, but these fantastic pieces of office furniture still have a large following among people who value long lasting quality over any modern fad.

There are many different types of wood writing desks to choose from. Oak writing desks may not be the sexiest pick, as cherry, cedar, and mahogany are often more popular, but as far as sturdiness goes, oak simply can't be beat. When the piece of furniture you're looking for has to last a very long time, then sometimes the old tried and true materials really are the best. There's a reason that despite all the new synthetics, all the panels, all the cheap Wal Mart crap, there's still a market for oak roll top desks, oak office desks, and oak writing desks. Because some people are always going to insist on quality, and that's something that many of these new things just can't live up to.

Wood writing desks still remain popular, but nowadays there are many people who just don't appreciate expert craftsmanship and instead of getting a genuine artifact they go with an oak wood finish writing desk. Cardboard and plywood and plastic with a sheen finish. It might work for the modern office, but it loses something from the real thing. And a real oak wood desk will last through the years.

Oak writing desks are among the best writing desks around. Whatever each individual chooses is up to them, but I for one would want a desk that wasn't a throw away. I would want a desk that not only is functional, but shows a degree of taste, an understanding of time and quality worksmanship, and just be the type of wood office furniture that really makes a statement without being condescending. As far as that goes, the oak writing desk is about as good a choice as you could make.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wood Writing Desks | Oak Writing Desks | Walnut Writing Desks | Cherry Writing Desks

Wood Writing Desks

Wood writing desks are classic writing desks that that have the old school feel and function of antique writing desks, while using one of the oldest building materials known to man. Many modern day writing desks are not made of wood, but of plastic, metal, glass, or a fake wood finish. It seems to be a sad state of things, but nowadays it can actually be kind of difficult to find a true wood writing desk.

Wood writing desks are classic. Obviously the earliest desks were carved from wood, and even in the American colonies a large desk, and a writing desk in particular, were signs of education, sophistication, and maybe even aristocracy. Any fan of a true writing desk with character can tell you that despite what salesmen might say, there is a huge difference between say a cherry wood writing desk and a cherry wood finish writing desk. This doesn't just go for cherry or mahogany, either, two of the most common wood designs and veneers to be copied on modern furniture. This goes for walnut writing desks, cedar writing desks, oak writing name it and there's some fake plastic "wood finish" version of the desk furniture out there.

Even harder on the traditional wood writing desks is that many of them that are still made out of true wood are designed as old fashioned writing secretaries with hutches or as roll top desks that don't have back access for the wires that come with modern writing tools like computers. To many people, the right desk isn't even a writing desk, much less a wood writing desk, but it's a simple glass computer desk or plastic corner desk. Yuk.

Oak writing desks were once lauded for their sturdiness and size. Cherry and mahogany writing desks were sought for their beauty and elegance. Maple writing desks were nothing to sneeze at, while the walnut writing desk was often seen as being the perfect meeting place for form, function, and over all appearance. Wood writing desks used to not only be a functional piece of furniture, but they also measured status and taste. The plastic writing desks and fake wood writing desks just don't do that.

And say what you will, but the old school wood desks are built better and often last longer.

That said, it's hard to see the wood writing desks every going completely out of style. There are always those who are going to want quality over price, and in that aspect these old fashioned pieces of office furniture can't be beat. Add onto that the ability for a good desk to be an inheritance or "hand me down" item, and the fact that a good one taken care of can last decades, and there's always going to be a niche for that level of quality.

Wood writing desks might not be the most common anymore, but a good wooden writing desk is still hard to top, and there will always be some very solid choices available for those office managers or entrepreneurs who know the importance of having quality writing furniture where they work.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cherry Writing Desk | Cherry Wood Writing Desks

Cherry Writing Desk

Cherry writing desks are writing desks that tend to be very popular with individuals who understand the beauty and potential status symbol effect of a truly beautiful writing desk. Cherry wood tends to be beautiful, with a deep red color that few other woods can match, which is part of the reason that a cherry writing desk is generally held in such high regard among people who understand what makes a beautiful looking and exceptional writing desk. A truly good cherry writing desk can be a cherry wood writing desk, where the entire desk is made out of this expensive and quality furniture wood, or it could be a cherry finish writing desk, where the finish of cherry wood is what gives the writing desk it's distinctive look.

The cherry writing desk is a classic, as can be figured out by the sheer number of desk furniture companies who offer some version of it to customers. One of the interesting things about this particular piece of office furniture is that there are so many variations of it. While this isn't surprising for a general piece of furniture (after all a couch isn't just a couch, or one TV isn't the same as every other TV), when you get really specific in description, as with cherry writing desks, then the expectation is that that is as specific as the furniture gets.

That's part of the oddity of this. Writing desks have many different sub types, but even for something like these specific types of writing desks, there are many different types. There are the writing desks made completely with the fancy wood, others that are only finished with it, and that doesn't even cover antique vs. new or dark cherry vs. light cherry. There are many different types of furniture, and even with something as specific as cherry wood writing desks, it's important to look around for the piece of furniture that will best suit your needs since not all cherry writing desks are created equal.