Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Writing Desks

Choosing a Glass Writing Desk

A look for your office that is clean and modern is a glass writing desk. These beautiful desks provide a very sleek look to your office and can come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. This type of desk is currently the trend for home office furnishings because of its slick and stylish look.

Most people need a desk of some sort in their home to place a computer or at least take care of the bills. A glass top writing desk is a modern and lovely choice for your home office. The structure of these desks is remarkably solid with a steel construction holding the glass in place. In most cases, they are much easier to put together than the traditional writing desk.

A glass writing desk is available in a variety of designs and styles. You can choose clear glass for a stark and modern look. There are also glass tops available with designs in the glass to provide a beautiful and unusual style to your home office. Take some time and look at all of the styles of glass tops that are available for these desks. Does the idea of seeing your feet while you work bother you? Try a frosted glass top for a completely opaque look.

The glass is tempered and very solidly designed. There is no question that a glass writing desk appears more delicate than one made of solid wood, but it is just as strong and well built.

The glass writing desk is not an expensive option for your home office, but it does have a look of opulence. You can often choose the frame or leg construction and separately buy the glass to rest on top. This allows you some flexibility in the price of your desk. Just be sure that you choose legs for the desk that are able to hold the weight that you are putting on top of the desk.

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