Monday, March 23, 2009

Contemporary Writing Desks

Contemporary Writing Desks: The New Look of Writing Desks

Contemporary writing desks are a far cry from many of the earlier and more classic models of writing desks that might come to mind. While the old office wood writing desks have the sturdy last for generations look, many newer contemporary writing desks have another obvious function that has taken place because of technology: they act as computer desks. While old wooden writing desks were once a symbol of status, or rolltop writing desks and writing secretaries gave that initial feeling of sophistication, now writing desks have to be functional as office furniture which means that contemporary writing desks also have to serve as a functional computer desk.

Contemporary writing desks have a lot of differences that set them apart from their older counterparts. For one, the old school desks were often made out solid wood and came in one of two styles: the big office desk meant to show off prestige and position, or the writing hutch and secretary desk that worked for writing letters or brief correspondence but it is impractical for a business desk. The newer models, however, are usually designed as wood panel or wood finish (if they're designed to look like wood writing desks at all), and many are much simpler and designed to be easy to use a computer on and around.

Contemporary office furniture in general has become more and more simple as some models even appear like glass desks, which seem like a post modern coffee table more than an office desk, but that's the direction that some modern writing desks are going. The main focus is to design them so computers, laptops, and even multiple computer monitors fit easily and function fully. Because of this, many contemporary writing desks simply don't have the design or style of the older counterparts.

While the trend in contemporary writing desks isn't likely to change any time soon, it's not hard to understand. As the older writing desk designs might look better or be more sophisticated, the new modern models of office desks have to be functional based on needs and technology. And based on those standards, say what you will about the fall in appearance, but contemporary writing desks are tops.

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