Friday, March 6, 2009

Cherry Writing Desk | Cherry Wood Writing Desks

Cherry Writing Desk

Cherry writing desks are writing desks that tend to be very popular with individuals who understand the beauty and potential status symbol effect of a truly beautiful writing desk. Cherry wood tends to be beautiful, with a deep red color that few other woods can match, which is part of the reason that a cherry writing desk is generally held in such high regard among people who understand what makes a beautiful looking and exceptional writing desk. A truly good cherry writing desk can be a cherry wood writing desk, where the entire desk is made out of this expensive and quality furniture wood, or it could be a cherry finish writing desk, where the finish of cherry wood is what gives the writing desk it's distinctive look.

The cherry writing desk is a classic, as can be figured out by the sheer number of desk furniture companies who offer some version of it to customers. One of the interesting things about this particular piece of office furniture is that there are so many variations of it. While this isn't surprising for a general piece of furniture (after all a couch isn't just a couch, or one TV isn't the same as every other TV), when you get really specific in description, as with cherry writing desks, then the expectation is that that is as specific as the furniture gets.

That's part of the oddity of this. Writing desks have many different sub types, but even for something like these specific types of writing desks, there are many different types. There are the writing desks made completely with the fancy wood, others that are only finished with it, and that doesn't even cover antique vs. new or dark cherry vs. light cherry. There are many different types of furniture, and even with something as specific as cherry wood writing desks, it's important to look around for the piece of furniture that will best suit your needs since not all cherry writing desks are created equal.


Bev said...

Nothing beats a good Cherry writing desk! I wouldn't have anything different in my home office. The cherry color is beautiful and really gives the furtniture a classy look, and the writing surface is smooth. I know some people prefer Oak and Walnut writing desks, but I think I will stick with Cherry.

Big Alaska said...

Hey Bev,

Thanks for commenting. I agree. I might like mahogany writing desks even slightly better than cherry wood, but once we start talking about oak desks and walnut writing desks, I agree that nothing competes with cherry wood writing desks for having superior aesthetics and looking professional and classy.