Sunday, November 8, 2009

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The Queen Anne Writing Desk

Queen Anne Writing Desks are elegantly crafted furniture pieces reproduced to a style of writing desk dated back to the early 1700’s. They are named in honor of Queen Anne of England reigning from 1702 to 1712 and represented the industry standard of formal furniture. Its features include cabriole legs ending in a drake foot, along with solid brass hardware (handles and knobs) and dovetailed drawers. This type of handiwork is what makes the Queen Anne desk such a highly sought after piece of antique furniture.

The Queen Anne writing desk features dimensions that are generally smaller than modern desks. It offers a width of 51 inches (just over four feet) and a depth of 22 inches. It stands about 30 inches off the floor. The desks feature solid wood construction using oak or cherry. While both are highly sought after, the Queen Anne cherry writing desk is probably in slightly higher demand than the oak models.

Oak wood is a light colored wood with a protruding grain making grooves in the wood that can be felt with the fingers. Staining the wood will darken the grain. If given a natural finish it will have a pale blondish tint which will darken with age to a golden honey-like color. The occasional knot in the wood will add to its character. Staining is a good choice for oak Queen Anne secretary desks.

Cherry wood offers less grain and is smoother than oak. Cherry will age to a rich red and brown color commonly smattered with black specs and a swirling grain. Small knots in the wood can create dimples in the surface. Light or medium colored stains work well on cherry. Dark stain is not recommended as it can blot out the natural color and beauty that comes with cherry wood.

Hard wood furniture like the Queen Anne writing desk can hide flaws with much more grace and elegance than synthetic materials. Even with a good finish, however, natural wood desks are sensitive to humidity and will swell or shrink slightly from season to season.

With solid wood construction and beautiful craftsmanship purchasing a Queen Anne writing desk will add a cherished and valued piece destined to become a family heirloom with generations of enjoyment and use.