Sunday, November 9, 2008

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There are many great writing desks that you can find online, and from black modern office desks to antique cherry wood writing desks, no office is complete without an appropriate and attractive desk. Although the writing desk has come a long way from its original design and intention, one draw back to modern technology is how often a desk is a simple and ugly piece of furniture that sits in the corner and holds the monitor to your computer and nothing more.

A good writing desk used to be an indication of taste, style, and success. If you're looking not for an ugly glass computer desk, but you want the type of L shaped writing desk, U shaped writing desk, or the good old fashioned types of furniture that scream class, then take a look at this Gentleman's Caddy.
This Gentleman's Caddy is a handsome piece of office furniture, and is designed after 17th century English writing cubbies and early American furniture. This small writing desk just exudes class and taste, reminding you of the age of solid walnut furniture and the old fashioned antique desks and cabinetry.
A Gentleman's Caddy makes a fine writing desk, and this furniture features beautifully rendered spindle legs and delicate lines that create a sophisticated and refined look. This walnut writing desk is hand rubbed to a finish that reflects an antique desk's wealth of character and nods to the craftmanship of old and classic writing desks and writing tables.

This Gentleman's Caddy desk features a popular drop-down writing surface, eight drawers, and two petite display shelves. This replica antique writing desk features hand-cast decorative hardware that enhances the authenticity of this beautiful piece of office furniture. The wood's extraordinary luster is achieved through an exclusive, 25-step hand-finishing process, resulting in a deep finish that will attract the attention of sophisticated eyes.

This piece isn't a good computer desk, and isn't a large office desk or a desk for a busy home office, but this is a fantastic gentleman's caddy that can add class or style to any room, and is fantastic for writing letters and other correspondance.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Italian Writing Desk | Italian Writing Desk Review | Italian Secretary Desk with Hutch

Italian Writing Desk Italian Writing Desks

This Italian Writing Desk is a great example of a top notch and quality writing desk that might qualify as a small writing desk, but small stature doesn't prevent one from seeing the incredible stylish writing desk that this is.

This hand crafted writing desk is hand crafted from fine burled woods, and coated with a gleaming hand rubbed veneer that makes this fancy desk stick out and enhance any office set up. This hand carved writing desk features dovetail construction, four storage drawers, and additional space for books. This writing desk has a larger center drawer beneath the writing surface, which provides ample space.

While not an actual antique writing desk, this Italian writing desk is a great example of high quality, hand-cut dovetail construction. This uncommon luster of this beautiful writing desk is the result over a closely kept secret, 25-step finishing process. This great transparent finish sets this Italian desk apart from its competitors.