Monday, September 7, 2009

White Writing Desks

White Writing Desks

White writing desks are a popular style of office furniture that are among the most highly sought after type of writing desk on the entire Internet. In fact, searches for "white writing desks" outnumber searches on "black writing desks" over two to one. It's hard to say the reason for this. In fact, these statistics are somewhat baffling to me based on my own personal preferences. Personally I prefer true wood writing desks, especially when it's a beautiful oak writing desk, or even a gorgeous Italian writing desk. That said, there are many white writing desks available because many people apparently love this color of office furniture.

One reason for this could be that many white writing desks are smaller pieces of furniture, perhaps designed for use by children or teenagers. This type of furniture could be used to decorate children's rooms. The one downside to a white writing desk that is obvious right off the bat is that most office furniture that's painted white does not look professional. The true wood look from wood writing desks does look professional, as does many type of wood finishes even.

So white writing desks are definitely pieces of furniture that aren't designed for an office or even a home office so much as a decorative piece for kids or teenagers that can be used for reading, writing, homework, or crafts. This isn't a bad thing; encouraging your kids to read and write more often is always a great thing. No one is ever going to regret that particular decision. Because of this, these bits of office furniture are extremely popular.

If you're looking for some good white writing desks, there are plenty of places online to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether looking for antique white writing desks, or maybe just something to spruce up your dining room or study, there are many options available for this particular type of desk.

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