Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cons of Small Computer Desks

Cons of Small Computer Desks

If you're considering buying a computer desk for your home office, consider first the cons of small computer desks. While small computer desks are ideal if space is at a premium, they are not ideal if a lot of reference materials are needed on hand. If for instance a space demanding project is in the works, such as putting together a collage or presentations the work area can become somewhat cramped.

Another drawback to small computer disks is that depending on which one you buy there can be a sacrifice in durability. Some of the moving parts such as the keyboard slider are prone to breaking (and dropping the keyboard in your lap) and too much weight will make the support plates buckle. Before committing to a purchase be sure the desk will meet your weight requirements.

Small computer desks can also be prone to clutter. A little extra care is necessary to make sure your computer desk doesn’t become a dining room table or a repository for unopened mail. In other words, a small desk requires there to be a place for everything with everything in its place.

For those less than mechanically inclined, some desks do require assembly. Most require simple tools like an allen wrench or crescent wrench. Once assembled they can easily be moved from room to room. Or if you want no assembly required some smaller wooden desks are available.

The last disadvantage to owning or using a small computer desk is needing other furniture such as file cabinets, CD racks, or book cases to keep things close at hand that might otherwise have a home in a larger desk. While most office furniture is of a space saving design a small computer desk with a bookshelf and a file cabinet and a couple of CD racks might just be a zero sum factor to a larger desk with built in file drawers, shelving for books and room for the CD racks built in. Consider your needs carefully and consider the cons of small computer desks when looking to customize your office space.

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