Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Wood Writing Desks

Wood writing desks are classic writing desks that that have the old school feel and function of antique writing desks, while using one of the oldest building materials known to man. Many modern day writing desks are not made of wood, but of plastic, metal, glass, or a fake wood finish. It seems to be a sad state of things, but nowadays it can actually be kind of difficult to find a true wood writing desk.

Wood writing desks are classic. Obviously the earliest desks were carved from wood, and even in the American colonies a large desk, and a writing desk in particular, were signs of education, sophistication, and maybe even aristocracy. Any fan of a true writing desk with character can tell you that despite what salesmen might say, there is a huge difference between say a cherry wood writing desk and a cherry wood finish writing desk. This doesn't just go for cherry or mahogany, either, two of the most common wood designs and veneers to be copied on modern furniture. This goes for walnut writing desks, cedar writing desks, oak writing name it and there's some fake plastic "wood finish" version of the desk furniture out there.

Even harder on the traditional wood writing desks is that many of them that are still made out of true wood are designed as old fashioned writing secretaries with hutches or as roll top desks that don't have back access for the wires that come with modern writing tools like computers. To many people, the right desk isn't even a writing desk, much less a wood writing desk, but it's a simple glass computer desk or plastic corner desk. Yuk.

Oak writing desks were once lauded for their sturdiness and size. Cherry and mahogany writing desks were sought for their beauty and elegance. Maple writing desks were nothing to sneeze at, while the walnut writing desk was often seen as being the perfect meeting place for form, function, and over all appearance. Wood writing desks used to not only be a functional piece of furniture, but they also measured status and taste. The plastic writing desks and fake wood writing desks just don't do that.

And say what you will, but the old school wood desks are built better and often last longer.

That said, it's hard to see the wood writing desks every going completely out of style. There are always those who are going to want quality over price, and in that aspect these old fashioned pieces of office furniture can't be beat. Add onto that the ability for a good desk to be an inheritance or "hand me down" item, and the fact that a good one taken care of can last decades, and there's always going to be a niche for that level of quality.

Wood writing desks might not be the most common anymore, but a good wooden writing desk is still hard to top, and there will always be some very solid choices available for those office managers or entrepreneurs who know the importance of having quality writing furniture where they work.

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