Friday, March 20, 2009

Oak Writing Desks: Great Wood Desks

Fine Oak Writing Desks

Oak writing desks are some of the most popular oak desks around, and are in fact some of the most popular forms of oak furniture, period. These fine solid wood writing desks are a great example of how using the right wood can create a sturdy and respectable piece of furniture that can be passed down through generations. Solid oak writing desks might not have the same allure that they once did, but these fantastic pieces of office furniture still have a large following among people who value long lasting quality over any modern fad.

There are many different types of wood writing desks to choose from. Oak writing desks may not be the sexiest pick, as cherry, cedar, and mahogany are often more popular, but as far as sturdiness goes, oak simply can't be beat. When the piece of furniture you're looking for has to last a very long time, then sometimes the old tried and true materials really are the best. There's a reason that despite all the new synthetics, all the panels, all the cheap Wal Mart crap, there's still a market for oak roll top desks, oak office desks, and oak writing desks. Because some people are always going to insist on quality, and that's something that many of these new things just can't live up to.

Wood writing desks still remain popular, but nowadays there are many people who just don't appreciate expert craftsmanship and instead of getting a genuine artifact they go with an oak wood finish writing desk. Cardboard and plywood and plastic with a sheen finish. It might work for the modern office, but it loses something from the real thing. And a real oak wood desk will last through the years.

Oak writing desks are among the best writing desks around. Whatever each individual chooses is up to them, but I for one would want a desk that wasn't a throw away. I would want a desk that not only is functional, but shows a degree of taste, an understanding of time and quality worksmanship, and just be the type of wood office furniture that really makes a statement without being condescending. As far as that goes, the oak writing desk is about as good a choice as you could make.


Gary said...

Oak writing desks last forever. They are a great piece of furniture to pass down from generation to generation, because they last so long. My kids are already fighting about who is going to get my desk in the future. Anyone who buys that cheap walmart furniture instead is crazy, that stuff doesn't even last a few years.

Big Alaska said...

Hi Gary, you're definitely right about the oak writing desks. They're designed to last for generations, and I don't think it's any accident that many of the oldest surviving antique writing desks in America are made from oak. If properly taken care of, these can last for hundreds of years. Good luck getting fake oak panel desks from Wal Mart to last a couple of hundred days without getting damage, LOL!