Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Portable Writing Desks

On Portable Writing Desks

Can You Use a Portable Writing Desk?

Many people have jobs that require them to be on the go and not confined to one place. The portable writing desk was designed to help these people work more productively while they are in a location that does not have a writing surface to use. Salesmen who spend a great deal of time in their cars will find that the portable desks allow them to work comfortably in the car while they are on the road.

Typically a portable writing desk is nothing more than a box that doubles as a writing surface. The lid of the box allows for a solid and reasonably large space to comfortably write. The inside of the box can be used to hold supplies, paper and any forms that the employee might need while they are working on the road.

The portable writing desk that you choose may have a sloped top to allow for better handwriting while on the road. Those who are concerned with penmanship understand that writing on an incline will improve the quality of the writing. That is why you find calligraphers and artists working on desks that incline.

There are a number of styles available for a portable writing desk today. Some of the models are designed to be used in the office or home and will roll over to where you are seated to accommodate your writing needs. Others are designed to be used on your lap for comfortable writing no matter where you are located. You might also choose one that is designed to be used like a bed tray for those who must work while confined to bed.

Accessorize your portable writing desk with clip on lights and pen holders for the ideal work environment when you are not in the office. Choose the model that will help you to be more productive while you are working on the road.


Jane said...

The reason I bought my portable writing desk was to use when I am sketching future art projects. You never know when you are going to see something you want to paint, or draw at a later time. The top is perfect for sketching, and the compartment holds all of my supplies. This is really a must have for artists like me.

Big Alaska said...

Yeah, there aren't as many common uses for portable writing desks as there used to be, but once in a while (especially with traveling salesmen) you'll see one being put to good use. Thanks for the comment on my writing desk blog!