Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rosewood Desk: The Rosewood Writing Desks

Redwood Writing Desk Review

There are few types of home furniture that look remotely as good as a vintage rosewood writing desk. While there's no arguing with cedar, cherry, or classic mahogany wood, but even among those it's hard to argue with the aesthetic beauty of an office writing desk made from vintage rosewood. These pieces of furniture can be hard to get a hold of since certain types of this wood are actually very rare now, and in some cases, so much so that they are illegal to harvest. Madagascar rosewood is one example of this. Italian, Brazilian, and Chinese rosewood are probably three of the most popular types still available for wood working. Many of the most beautiful desks you can find anywhere are vintage Victorian rosewood writing desks.

Rosewood writing desks, regardless of what specific species of tree they are made from in this family (or even general term), are beautiful accent pieces of furniture and are known for the gorgeous dark color that creates a striking and stately appearance which then draws the eyes to them as centerpieces of attention. Browsing images of antique carved rosewood writing desks of the Victorian period of England and even modern rosewood desks reveals the beauty of the wood, the polish and the craftsmanship that make each desk a masterpiece. The Victorian models are often extremely popular not just because of the dark coloring that has only been added to over the decades and centuries, but because most of these have intricate designs of carved rosewood that add extra character to these wonderful pieces of office, living room, or bedroom furniture.

Rosewood is a very richly hued timber, brown with darker veining. Even among the popular darker woods, rosewood desks in particular are known for taking on an especially dark polish well. In fact, this isn't just true with rosewood furniture. This type of wood takes on a wonderful polish and because of that fine dark finish, is used in the production of guitars, furniture, luxury flooring, and even custom made turned wood pieces such as pool cues. Beyond its workability rosewood is highly prized for its potent, sweet smelling aroma which lasts for years. Over-exploitation in the making of rosewood bedroom writing desks to other type of rosewood dining room furniture, or other classic Victorian designs.

Rosewood was a wood used by European cabinet makers in a broad range of classical styles from the Regency, Victorian, Georgian, and Sheraton periods of England and in corresponding periods around Europe. That said, there's little question that vintage Victorian rosewood writing desks are the most common antique rosewood desks that you are going to see from Europe, or at the very least they are the most popular due to the fine craftsmanship and decorative carving on the sides that have made these pieces of antique furniture classic.

Rosewood timber was found both in South America and also species from India and Southeast Asia. Consequently many rosewood desks were produced bearing Oriental influences. Regardless, the carvings were detailed and the inlay work exquisite. Inlay materials used for rosewood desks included brass, mother of pearl and abalone shell.

Rosewood was not only a favorite material for writing desks, but it was also a favorite choice throughout the decades for making table top desks or lap desks, as well as tables, beds, coffee tables, chairs, cabinets, and about any type of furniture that could be produced from rosewood timber wood. Lap desks were completely portable versions of their larger cousins. They featured a sloped lid, leather writing surface and several interior compartments for the storage and organization of writing implements and materials. In addition a second set of compartments was designated for dressing, somewhat akin to a modern portable hygiene kit. This provided needed versatility for military officers, teachers and traveling writers. So there were even such things as portable rosewood writing desks, although obviously these would not have the same lasting beauty and effect as a normal antique rosewood desk meant to sit in your study at home.

Whether you are browsing for antiques, shopping for a modern variety of rosewood desk, whatever you choose is going to make a personal statement of style. It is hard to deny the appeal of the richly colored, aromatic and stately rosewood writing desks.