Friday, August 1, 2008

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Finding the Perfect Writing Desk

The writing desk has long been a sign of refined taste. While modern designs of writing desks have changed to accommodate technology, antique writing desks have long been considered wonderful pieces of furniture that hinted at sophistication while also working in a practical manner for the owner.

Writing desks also worked as a compact office, with everything needed in one area. In the old times these roll top desks were specifically designed for individuals who were writing letters by hand, though because of the changes in technology many of these desks also double as computer (or at the very least, laptop) desks now. For many the L shaped desk is now prefered to an old fashioned writing desk, as its functionality is better.

Many of the old school writing desks will have roll top covers, while many modern styles of writing desks are simpler, without the top. Individuals who want a desk that is aesthetically pleasing will often times go for the roll top writing desks since that cover allows for an easy way of hiding private work from public viewing while adding a pleasing aesthetic.

Most of the oldest antique writing desks are English, and were manufactured in England following the Restoration in the late 1600s. Oak was used first, and then was followed by walnut, as the two most common used for these pieces of antique furniture, as they were the most common wood available at the time, with Walnut the trendy pick of that age.If you're looking for a modern writing desk, there are several questions you will want to ask yourself. Are you looking for function, or do you care more about form? Do you like the old styles of furniture and desks, or do you like something much more simple and modern? How much are you willing to spend for the perfect writing desk? Are you looking for one where you can use your computer or laptop, as well?

All these questions make a major difference in determining what type of furniture you will want to look at purchasing. A good writing desk to use a laptop on that will fit in the bedroom is far different from a desk that will go out in the study and will act as a good looking piece of furniture to fit in with an all wood office.

There are plenty of places to look over literally hundreds of different choices. This is another good idea of what specifically you're looking for before searching, so you're not overwhelmed. The perfect writing desk is out there somewhere for you, now you just need to find it!

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